The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Cleaning a Dirty Surface

Posted on: 18 April 2023


Do you have something within your home or business that is proving hard to clean using traditional methods? Do you want to clean a large surface efficiently and quickly? One option you might want to look into is dry ice blasting. Here's what dry ice blasting is and why it might be the right choice the next time you need to make sure a surface is as clean as possible.

Compressed Air and Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice blasting using a combination of compressed air and dry ice pellets to get the job done. The pellets blast onto the surface with force, ensuring they will dislodge or remove the substance you are trying to take care of.

No Abrasion to Worry About

If the idea of "blasting" a surface sounds dangerous, don't worry. Dry ice blasting is actually non-abrasive. This could be important if you are cleaning an expensive piece of equipment or a high-end surface of some kind and you need to ensure there is no damage caused. You can blast away at what you need to be cleaned, and it will likely look as good as new when you are done with no lingering side effects or damage to worry about.

Remove Dirt, Grease, Oil and More

Dry ice blasting can be used to remove all kinds of different substances. Dirt is an obvious one, but dry ice blasting could also be used to clean the surface of expensive equipment that might be covered in grease, oil or other gunk. Dry ice blasting might even help you get rid of corrosion or rust.

Get It Done Fast

Dry ice blasting is popular because, with the right equipment or tools, you can "blast" a large surface area in a small amount of time. Time is money when it comes to business and the sooner you can finish up with this cleaning task, the sooner you can get back to making money. You'll likely pay far less to the dry ice blasting professional than what it would cost in manual labour to have people scrub or clean the surface by hand.

Keep Environmental Footprint Low

Dry ice is essentially carbon dioxide that has been reclaimed. There is no additional waste created by the process of dry ice blasting. In other words, you'll be getting the cleaning done without using any harsh chemicals and without doing anything that might harm the environment.